About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved creating things with my hands. Creativity was my outlet to express myself and still is to this day. In middle school, I learned that I could make it my career to be creative and dreamed of going to university to become a fashion designer. That dream

I now present to you, with months of hard work and dedication,

Our mission is;

“To inspire women to adopt these words in their lives to create a community of support:

Dévotion (Devotion)
Amour (Love/Admiration)
Harmonie (Harmony)
Inspiration (Inspiration)”

After working in retail for almost a decade, I have worked with many women who are not as confident as others when buying clothing and accessories. There seems to be a stigma that makes some women feel like they cannot purchase certain items because it might seem “childish” or “for the younger generations”. Our vision is to create a place for women (and men) where they can get inspiration and create their own garments without judgment from others.