Front Body

Below is done in size small, for medium do 2 more rows and for large do 4 more than the small size.

S (M, L)


Row 1: chain 2, hdc in 2nd ch from hook. ch 2, turn. (ch 2 counts as a hdc)

Row 2: 2 hdc in first hdc. Ch 2, turn.

Row 3: hdc in first stitch (counts as an increase because of initial ch2 and turn) across to last ch. Hdc 2 in last ch. Ch 2, turn

Row 4-10 (4-12, 4-14): RPT row 3. (18 ch total for small)

Row 11 (13, 15): mark opposite end of row with a removable stitch marker. Hdc in second stitch (not what your ch 2 is connected to but the next stitch) and hdc across until last stitch. Hdc 2 in last stitch. Ch 2, turn.

Row 12 (14, 16): hdc in stitch connected to ch 2 (first stitch) and across. Ch 2, turn.

Rows 13-20 (15-22, 17-24): repeat rows 11-12 (13-14, 15-16). ( 29 stitches total)

Row 21 (armhole shaping and collar decrease) (23, 25): ss in first 5 stitches. Hdc 2 together. Hdc across until you reach last two stitches. Hdc 2 tog. Ch 1, turn.

Row 22 (24, 26): hdc 2 tog hdc across. Ch 2 turn

Row 23 (25, 27): hdc in second stitch (not one connected to the ch 2). Hdc until last two. Hdc tog. Ch 1 turn.

Rows 24-29 (26-31, 28-33) repeat rows 22-23 (24-25, 26-27) (14? Stitches for small)

Row 30 (32, 34): hdc in second stitch (not one connected to the ch 2). Hdc until last two. Hdc tog. Ch 2 turn.

Row 31 (33, 35) (shoulder shaping): skip first HDC and hdc in next 4 stitches. Ch 2, turn (leaving rest of row unworked)

Rows 32-37 (34-39, 36-41): repeat row 31 (33, 35).

Bind Off



Measure your back from side seam to side seam and make a chain as long adding 4 more chains (crochet shrinks as you work the piece) (2 count as first hdc)

Row 1: hdc in third chain from hook and hdc across. Ch 2 (counts as first hdc) and turn.

Rows 2-9 (2-11, 2-13): hdc in second hdc, hdc across, ch 2, turn.

Row 10 (12, 14): hdc in second hdc, hdc across, ch 1, turn.

Row 11 (13, 15) (Shaping armhole): ss in first 5 stitches, hdc 2 tog, hdc across till last 7 stitches. Hdc 2 tog, ch 2 and turn.

Rows 12-15 (14-17, 16-19): hdc in second from hook, hdc across. Ch 2, turn.

Rows 16-20 (18-22, 20-24): hdc in first stitch (inc) and across. 2 hdc in last stitch. ch 2 turn.

Bind Off.

Seam up side seams

Seam shoulder seams

Seam back collar together and then seam to the back neck hole.

Weave in ends and block if desired.

If you have ANY questions please leave a comment below, on the video on YouTube or send me a message on Instagram @xx.dahi !

Enjoy and good luck!



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