2 skeins of Michael’s Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn

4 MM crochet hook


Tapestry needle (optional)



This is for an XS

Ch 52

R1 – turn, skip first two stitches and DC in third CH from hook. DC across (50)

R2 – Ch 2, turn, DC across starting in the second stitch from piece as to not increase (50)

Repeat Row 2 for a total of 13 rows

Note: This the how high you want the shorts to sit on your body. The 13 rows for me sits at my “true” waist, which is above your belly button. If you want it to be low rise/mid rise etc, decrease the amount of rows you do!

R14 – Ch 2, DC in FIRST stitch (the one we’ve previously been skipping), DC across, DC2 in last stitch.

R15 – Ch 2, repeat Row 1 for a total of 10 rows of increases

R24 – fold piece in half and mark center stitch on increased part (leg). Count out 10 from each side and mark with a removable stitch marker (20 stitches total). Going back to the non-increasing method, Ch2, DC to first marker, SS to last marker. DC to end (again, only 1 DC in last stitch).

R25 – Ch2, DC to 2 stitches before the first SS, SS to two after end of first SS row, DC to end

R26 – Repeat Row 25 once more



R1 – Starting at farthest SS on bottom hem, start DC’ing 2 in each stitch (I had 58 total DC’s)

R2 – CH2, skip first stitch on piece, DC across (58)


2nd Ruffle – Going 1-2 rows above first ruffle and 4 DC’s in from first ruffle, Start the same ruffle process as stated above. DC’ing 2 in each stitch and then DC’ing 1 in each stitch of the second row.

3rd Ruffle – Repeat same steps for second ruffle, but go above the second ruffle to complete the third.

Make 1 more short/ruffle combo!


1. With right sides together, sew or SC the leg seams together.
2. With right sides together, put one side inside of the other (one piece will be outside right and that will go inside of the wrong side out piece)
3. Sew or SC the “U” together. Leave a bit open at one end so you can get into the piece (or struggle like I did haha)
4. Make a chain long enough and weave it through the first row at your waist so you can adjust the fit.



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