Crochet Bandeau Tutorial

Hello my lovelies xx

Below is a free pattern for my new Crochet Bandeau Tutorial. There is also a full video on how to create it as well.

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2 skeins of weight 3 in main color (I used white)

1 skein/scrap amount of weight 3 in secondary color (I used black)

4 mm / G crochet Hook


How To:

Make 2

Make a chain in your main color that is the height of your bust area. I did 25 chains
Row 1 – in 2nd chain from hook, half double crochet across. chain 1, turn.
Row 2-7 – HDC across, chain 1, turn
Rows 8-9 – switch to second color and single crochet across, chaining 1 at the end and turning

Repeat the process of 7 rows of HDC in your main color and 2 rows of SC in your secondary color two more times (XS) or how ever many times it takes to reach half of your bust measurement minus 3″. Your piece should reach this stretched! I did 3 rounds of the striping with three additional rows of HDC in my main color to reach 12″ stretched.

Continue with whichever color is next for you. In my case (XS) I will be continuing with my main color (white).


1 – HDC first two stitches together, HDC across, HDC last two together.
Repeat Row 1 until there are 8 stitches left.

*note* remember to follow the 7 rows in HDC of main color and 2 rows of SC in secondary color throughout this design!
Once you hit the 8 stitches left, continue the striping pattern until the 8 stitches reach 11″. This will be one of your straps to tie in the front!

Once you reached 11″ in length and continuing in the striping pattern, HDC first two stitches together, HDC across and HDC the last two stitches together. Turn and repeat until 2 stitches remain.


Once the two front pieces are done, put right sides together and using your secondary color, SC the two pieces together at the center back.

Using the main color, SC around entire piece to make the edges look more finished.

Try bandeau on and mark spots above each breast where your straps should go. They will probably line up with the center of each breast. I ended up putting the front straps right at the last rows before decreasing in the front.

At this point, SC 5 stitches, Chain 1, turn and continue single crocheting in main color for 38 rows and attach the strap to the back at the first row where you started your second color.

With your main color yarn still attached, chain two and turn your work so you can crochet towards the outer part of the garment (see images). This is going to be the ruffle that is on your shoulder!

To make the ruffles, DC 2 in each row of the strap until you reach the front of the bandeau. Each row you crocheted for the strap should have two DC’s crocheted into it.

Now, Chain 2 and DC 1 in each stitch across. You can bind off at the end or you can chain 2 again and repeat to make the ruffle as long as you want. I did 3 rows of DC on top of initial DC 2 in each stitch.

Repeat on other side of bandeau.




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