Madalynne Intimates 8711 Kit

Hello my lovely readers! Today I bring you my first ever unboxing/review! If you haven’t been able to tell from the title of this blogpost yet, I partnered with Madalynne Intimates to review her new bralette bra kit and pattern for the 8711!


This is her first kit + pattern combo (sold separately) and her first mono-wire design! And if you’re like me and had no idea what a mono-wire was, go check out her website to read all about them 😉



So, like everything I write a blog post for, I of course have to film a video *duh*. So, below this little paragraph is my unboxing of the 8711 and another one of her designs that comes in a kit, the Barette Bralette! If you want to give me a like/comment/subscribe, you can totally click here to visit my channel and watch all of my other videos while you’re at it 🤗

Okay, okay so now the review.. dun dun dun..

Jk, let’s get into it! So when I first measured myself to find out what mono-wire I needed, I measured at a 30D. Which I thought was totally weird and wouldn’t fit me because I wear a 32C, but I emailed Madalynne and she reassured me about the fit and the size to cut and yes, in the end it did turn out to fit me extremely well! I would also take her suggestion of cutting a band size up (which I didn’t do)! I was confused about my size vs the mono-wire size vs the size I had to cut haha but I suggest forgetting about what size you wear commercially for this project!


I chose the blush pink kit because I wanted something that was discreet enough to wear if I wanted to wear it to work or a more formal occasion. I thought the lacey pink and black version would be too sexy for something like that but omg no!! There are a ton of pictures on Madalynne’s Instagram of beautiful ladies wearing their lace version from a workshop that she held recently! If I make this again, I’m definitely going to make a lace version haha.

DSC_3117This bralette is honestly the best of both worlds. It has a mono-wire which is super comfortable and makes it more comfortable for women with a larger bust to wear a super cute bralette. Even for people like me with a smaller chest, I think it’s great! Sometimes I hate wearing bralettes because they’re so tight (to you know, hold you in), so I sometimes prefer a regular bra. The 8711 is not only supportive, but comfortable, lightweight and stylish.


This would also be a great project for a beginner to intermediate sewer because this project is quick and let me tell you, when you’re able to put that mono-wire through and it takes shape into a bra, it is so satisfying! I’ve never had such a satisfying project in that short of time sewing it haha. Not to mention, once I sewed the channeling, I might’ve put the mono-wire in because I thought I had to until I later read “now you can insert the mono-wire” 🤦🏻‍♀️


One thing I do suggest is to have one of your bras handy for the strap and hook & eye portion next to you! For some reason I read the hook & eye portion backwards and had to rip stitch 😅 but it was all good.


So, in conclusion, I love this kit, pattern and final product. I think it would be great to wear everyday, on a special occasion 😉 or even… a boudoir shoot! Honestly I’ve been thinking about how perfect this bra and panty set would be for a boudoir shoot haha.


P.S. I definitely recommend the Odif’s 505 spray adhesive for this project! Just don’t be like me and spray the right side of your fashion fabric to the lining 😂 that was a pain to fix!

Happy crafting loves!


Stephanie Marie


Disclaimer: I am not being paid to post this! All opinions are my own and I was sent the 8711 kit for free to review and unbox 😊

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