Crafter’s gift guide 2020

I was thinking the other day about doing a sort of “vlogmas” for my YouTube channel and was looking through a bunch of ideas when this one popped into my head! I feel like crafters can be misunderstood from outside the crowd and nobody ever knows what to get me for gifts so I thought others might be having the same problem too! I want to preface this gift guide by saying I will only be going over sewing, knitting and crocheting as those are my top crafts I work on consistently. I also would like to note that I mainly picked out notions that crafters can never have too many of and they are relatively cheap!

Knitting and Crocheting

Crochet Specific

Solely for crocheters, I wanted to feature some really nice hooks! These are Furls crochet hooks and very aesthetic which are great for taking pictures with.

If your crocheter likes to make stuffed animals (aka amigurumi) a kit with all the pieces would be a great gift! You could put together a set of safety eyes, mini scissors and some tapestry needles as a cute gift.

Knitting Specific

Although a bit controversial, a knitting machine could be a great addition to a knitter’s supplies. Some think these are “cheating” but honestly, who wouldn’t want to KNIT a hat in 30 minutes?! Different sizes can do different projects. 46-48 pins make adult hats, 40 pins make headbands and kids hats and 22 pins make crafts, cup cozies and baby hats.

Great for Knitters and Crocheters

A foam blocking kit is the perfect gift for a knitter or crocheter! You can make a gift basket with a wash bucket, mild detergent, liquid fabric softener, a set of blocking boards and T pins.×12-interlocking-blocking-boards/15981764.html

A yarn winder is always on the must have list for a knitter or crocheter. This winder helps turn skeins of yarn that could have knots into what we call “cakes”. They make it easy to continuously knit or crochet without having to dig all the knots out!

For some reason, Amazon links aren’t showing up properly so if you search “yarn winder” you will be able to find them!

Notions are another great gift! These include a row counter, stitch markers, tapestry needles and even faux fur pom moms if the crocheter or knitter in your life likes to make hats.

Gift Cards

Of course, gift cards are ALWAYS a great choice. You could grab one from a local small yarn shop or a chain retailer like Michael’s or JoAnn’s. A few other online places for gift cards are Yarn Inspirations, Love Crafts, Wool and the Gang and We Are Knitters. The later two also supply knit and crochet kits that give you the yarn, pattern and hooks or needles to complete the projects. Also another great gift!


Glass Head Pins

Glass head pins are the best pins any level sewist can get! Why you might ask? This is because the glass bead at the end of the pin won’t melt during ironing. Trust me, nothing gets more frustrating than your pin melting on your fabric 😕 I found these from JoAnn’s that are a great price!

Flat Head Pins

Flat head pins (also known as quilters pins) are also a great find! They come in different novelty flat tops that are great to use while at the machine sewing. You’d have to be careful when ironing but who wouldn’t love these cutesy pins??

Pin Cushions

The first pin cushion I highly recommend as a gift is a magnetic pincushion. These are so much better than a regular pin cushion because your pins won’t spray all over the floor if you drop the container. If you do drop pins, you can easily pick them up with this, too.

Another pin cushion that would be a great gift would be a novelty pin cushion. A sewist can never have too many pin cushions and who wouldn’t love a cutesy pincushion that can double as decor? I found this Etsy shop that has a bunch of different novelty options 😊

Gutermann Thread Pack

This is a Gutermann 26 spool thread set! This is the perfect gift for any sewer or sewist. It has a great variety of colors, comes in it’s own case and is super cheap compared to buying individual spools!

Black and White Thread Spools

Black and white thread spools are always needed and often forgotten about when sewing! This could be the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift.

Flexible Tape Measure

One can never have too many tape measurers! I honestly always lose mine and they’re good to have for different purposes.


These Fiskars are a must have! I personally have two pairs of regular scissors because I’m always misplacing them. I might just have a problem with forgetting where I used them last, but honestly these scissors are a great price and last for many years!

Tracing Paper

Although this is technically medical paper for exam tables, I use it for making sewing patterns! This would be a great gift for the sewist who is starting to make their own patterns!

Frixion Pens

Frixion pens are AMAZING for marking fabric! The ink is great and it disappears when heat (aka an iron) is applied. You should always test on scrap fabric before use but these are a lifesaver!

The link for this wasn’t working, but just google search “Frixion pens” and you’ll be able to find them!


You will have to find out what machine the person has that you’re buying for, but bobbins are another great gift! You can never have enough and again, super cheap!

Gift Card

Gift cards are always a great option so that the person who receives the gift card can buy what they need. Some options are for a local sewing shop, a larger chain store like JoAnn’s or an indy fabric or pattern company. Below are some of my favorite indy companies to buy from!



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