Easy crochet cardigan

Hi everyone! This week I have a super easy crochet cardigan tutorial for you. This is customizable to your size so it’s more of a “recipe”. Check out my video below for more details and below that is a written version of the recipe.


  • at least 4 skeins of worsted weight acrylic yarn. I used 4 skeins of Big Twist that are 340 yards each
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • scissors
  • pen and paper
  • measuring tape
  • tapestry needle


First, you’re going to need a pen and paper to write down the below measurements.

The next two images go together so you understand the construction of each piece.


We’ll first start with the ribbing for the front. This is your waist divided by 4 and is your A measurement.

  1. Chain 10
  2. HDC in 3rd chain from hook and across. CH 2 turn
  3. HDC BLO
  4. repeat row 3 until piece measures your A measurement

**I did 20 rows for mine**


  1. Turn your ribbing horizontally and HDC across it evenly. I did about 3 HDC’s per every 2 rows. CH 2, turn.
  2. HDC across, CH 2 turn.
  3. Repeat row 2 until the piece from the waistband up measures your C measurement


Now we’ll start shaping the armhole and neckline.

  1. HDC across until 2 stitches left. HDC last 2 together. CH 2, turn
  2. HDC first 2 stitches together, HDC across, CH 2, turn.
  3. HDC first 2 stitches together, HDC across until 2 stitches left, HDC last 2 together. CH 2 turn.
  4. HDC across until 2 stitches left. HDC last 2 together. CH 2, turn
  5. HDC first 2 stitches together, HDC across, CH 2, turn.
  6. Repeat rows 4 and 5 until the straight edge (D) measures your D measurement which is 2″ below armpit to shoulder and your shoulder matches the E measurement.
  7. At this point, the piece might not reach the middle of your shoulder so I did 5 extra HDC rows then bound off.

Remember to make 2 fronts!


  1. Repeat ribbing for front but make it as long as your B measurement – waist divided by 2.
  2. Make your foundation like you did for the front and HDC BLO until piece is the same size as the front for the C measurement.

Back Shaping

  • Rows 1-3: HDC first and last two stitches together. CH 2 turn.
  • HDC BLO across, CH 2 turn until piece is the same D height as the front.
  • I stopped when the piece hit the back of my neck. I then only crocheted the same amount of stitches as my shoulders for the front for 5 rows then bound off and reattached my yarn to do the other side. The video shows this well if this is confusing!

Seaming Together

With the back right side facing up, place each front piece wrong side facing up on top and slip stitch the shoulders together. Then slip stitch the side seams together.


  1. I started by measuring the circumference of my wrist with existing ribbing. Mine is 16 rows of ribbing.
  2. Make the ribbing as long as you need it and do your foundation row.
  3. HDC BLO 2 in each stitch across, ch 2 turn.
  4. repeat row 3 a total of 5 times.
  5. Alternate each row with DC and HDC BLO until piece measures from your wrist to 2″ below armpit
  6. Continuing in the alternating DC and HDC BLO rows, decrease the first two stitches, middle and last two stitches. You will be decreasing 3 stitches each row. continue this until the piece from 2″ below your armpit extends to your shoulder. BO
  7. Slip stitch sleeve together starting from the last row before decreasing to the bottom of the cuff.
  8. repeat for second sleeve

Attaching sleeve to cardigan

Flip the cardigan wrong side out and the sleeve right side out. put the sleeve in the cardigan at the armhole and match up the underarms. Slip stitch all the way around then bind off.


  1. To finish off, we’re going to crochet a few rows around the front opening. Start by doing a HDC foundation all around the front, back neck then down the other side. Ch 2 turn.
  2. DC around ch 2 turn.
  3. HDC around then bind off.

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